vest* Article of clothing, garment.
vestar* Collection of clothing: Outfit (selective), wardrobe (general).
vestard* Store of clothing: wardrobe.
vestor* Vendor of clothing.

vestod* To clothe.
vestend* To become clothed.
vestemp* To unclothe.
vestolv* To become unclothed.

▶️ Shirt (torso).
▶️ Skirt (midsection, lower torso, upper legs).
▶️ Trousers (lower torso, legs).
▶️ Undergarment.

jakob* Overgarment. Article of overclothing.
karpard* Cuff. Clothing, or section of clothing, for the wrist and/or lower arm.
kefalard* Headdress. Clothing for the head.
kofj* Headdress, cap, coif.
kolikard* Garment that covers the lower torso.
manard* Hand protector, glove, gauntlet.
palj* Cloak, mantle, pallium.
pedard* Footware, shoe, boot.
sok* Stocking, sock, hose.
steþard* Garment that covers the upper torso. Shirt, blouse.
þyrsard* Garment that covers the torso. Shirt.
xigab* Ritual headdress.