akanþ* Barb, thorn.
akon* Fruiting body of a grain plant; ear.
aven* Oat.
az* Pine cone.
bazj* Berry.
busk* Bush, shrub, small tree.
dorw* Resin.
drew* Tree.
flor* Flower.
folj* Leaf.
junk* Reed, rush.
karj* Nut, kernel, nucleus.
pom* Ripened ovary of a seed-bearing plant, with its fleshy, edible interior: apple, berry, melon.
qlum* Husk.
qramen* Grass.
ram* 1. Branch or subordinate branchlike outgrowth, usually of an anatomical unit, such as a nerve or bone.
2. A complicating consequence.
riz* Root.
stipl* Stalk, esspecially one that is long and narrow; straw; stipule.
stirp* The stem or stalk of a plant or tree, including the roots.
vit* a) Wire. b) Vine.