Primary Base *

Child Elements  

aksil* dis tg Concavity at the junction of two bones.
-ek* tg Anatomical constructor.
kyst* dis tg Cyst.
lymf* Lymph.
mand* dis tg Jaw.
myring* dis tg Eardrum.
pisd* fig dis tg "Vulva," socket ("female" end).
qen* dis tg Chin.
qlot* dis tg Glottis.
seb* m tg Fatty animal tissue.
uroprekt* spec dis tg Urethra.


Name/Link ΒΆ Type Source/Type Consumption Date


ost* Bone
klown* Buttock
kondr* Cartilage
dhov* Egg Rudiment of an animal.
man* Hand
kardj* Heart Zoological organ supporting the blood and circulatory system.
mux* Marrow
marsip* Marsupium
my* Muscle
qul* Neck
nur* Nerve
plewr* Pleuron Lateral plate(s) of a thoracic segment of an insect.
hist* Tissue Aggregate of similar cells and cell products forming a definite kind of structural material with a specific function, in a multicellular organism.
linqwek* Tongue
thyrs* Torso


anten* Antenna
ventr* Belly Zoological convexity containing internal organs.
qen* Chin
osaq* Ear
elytr* Elytron Zoological capsule.
karin* Exoskeleton Organization of bone or cartilage that protects the internal organs.
ped* Foot Zoological base.
man* Hand
skenq* Leg
palam* Palm (of the hand)
nas* Proboscis Zoological convexity on the face.
kran* Skull Organization of bone that shapes the head and protects the brain.
rak* Spine
qastr* Stomach Zoological container of digestion.
ur* Tail
dent* Tooth
vertebr* Vertebra
pet* Wing Instrument of navigation via air.