Primary Base akw*

Child Elements  

akw* chem m tg Water (H2O).
akwe* abs ess sta (v) Made of water.
(n) Drop of water, body of water.
akwod* dat ag To water, hydrate.
akwor* gen act To emit or give off water.
akwosk* dis tg Water molecule.
akwykw* abs ess sta Looking like or appearing to be water: clear and colorless.
kolf* mer dis tg Gulf.
na+ const Of or pertaining to water, swimming, the sea or marine life.
sniqe* abs phys sta Made of snow.
wodr* fig m tg ess sta "Water."


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akw* Literal.
wodr* Figurative.

Airborne water:
pluv* Rain.
sniq* Snow.
snewd* Mist.
vap* Water vapor.

Bodies of Water

lak* Lake Body of water enclosed by land. , loch [Scot.], lough, [Ir.], mere, tarn, plash, broad [Eng.], pond, pool, sump [Scot. or dial. Eng.], slab [dial.], linn or lin [Scot.], tank, puddle, well; ditch, dike or dyke, dam, race, mill race; reservoir (store).

mar* Very large body of water; sea.

okean* Ocean, sea, main, deep, blue, brine, salt water, waters, waves, billows, high seas, offing, great waters, watery waste, “vasty deep” “briny deep,” “swan-bath” [A.-S.], “swan-road” [A.-S.], “whale-path” [A.-S.], mere [archaic], herring pond or pond [humorous for Atlantic], hyaline; wave, tide &c. (water in motion) [See River]; ocean basin; ocean lane, steamer track.

neptun* All the oceans and seas taken as one.

rj* Stream Flow of water across land. Course, flux, flow, flowing &c. v.; current, tide, race, mill race, tide race.\nspring; fount, fountain; rill, rivulet, rillet; streamlet, brooklet; branch [U. S.]; runnel, runlet; sike, brook, river; reach; tributary.

kolf* Gulf Portion of a sea partially enclosed by land. Gulph, bay, inlet, bight, estuary, fiord, armlet; frith or firth, ostiary [obs.], mouth; lagoon or lagune; indraft or indraught [obs.], cove, creek; natural harbor; roads; strait; narrows; euripus; sound, belt, gut, kyle [Scot.].

Things associated with water


DELUGE &c. (water in motion) [See River]; high water, flood tide, springtide.
SPRINKLER, sparger, aspergillum or aspergill, shower or shower bath, douche, enema; nozzle; atomizer [See Vaporization].