Degree of motion over time.

Primary Base celer*


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celerawq* Acceleration Increase in velocity over time.
celerewawq* Deceleration Decrease in velocity over time.
* Pace Constant or near-constant velocity sustained over a duration of time.
celerew* Slowness Lack of velocity.
* Spurt A short duration of intense velocity.
celerodik* Velocimeter Gauge of velocity.



ber* Carriage Transitive motion of one entity on another entity.
sapar* Excursion Discreate motion with purpose.
trewd* Impulse (Motion) Motion conjoined with force.
miqr* Migration Motion with intent to change one's residence.
j* Motion with reference to Direction
nawmot* Navigation Locomotion by water or air.
motaq* Organs & Instruments of Motion
* Procession Organized and coordination motion by multiple vehicles.
motew* Quiescence Lack of motion.
syl* Recoil Motion conjoined with counteraction.
rajd* Riding Motion via an instrument of motion.
walk* Roving Motion from location to location without plan or purpose.
awtimot* Self-Motion Intransitive motion; reflexive motion; motion on one's own accord.
verg* Station Origin, destination or waypoint of motion.
veh* Transference Motion of a patient by an agent from an origin to a destination.
veh* Transportation Intentional transference
motor* Traveler
celer* Velocity Degree of motion over time.
waq* Wiggle Motion back and forth.


Velocity synonyms

Lightning, light, electricity, wind; cannon ball, rocket, arrow, dart, hydrargyrum, quicksilver, Mercury.
Eagle, antelope, courser, (race) horse, barb, gazelle, greyhound, hare, doe, squirrel, camel bird, swallow, chickaree, chipmunk, hackee [U. S.], ostrich.