Clothing for the lower torso, midsection and legs.

Primary Base *

Child Elements  


Name/Link ΒΆ Type Source/Type Consumption Date




vestor* Clothier Supplier of clothing.
karpard* Cuff Clothing, or section of clothing, for the wrist and/or lower arm.
vest* Garment Article of clothing.
manard* Glove Clothing for the hand.
kaputard* Headdress
vestar* Outfit Collection of clothing.
jakobar* Overclothing Clothing worn over the primary clothing, usually for short-term covering, defense or insulation.
jakob* Overgarment Article of overclothing.
pedard* Shoe Clothing and instrument of support for the foot.
* Skirt Clothing for the lower torso, midsection and upper legs.
sok* Stocking Clothing for the foot and lower leg.
* Trousers Clothing for the lower torso, midsection and legs.
* Underclothing
* Undergarment Article of underclothing.
vestard* Wardrobe Store of clothing.


Trousers synonyms

TROUSERS, breeches, pantaloons, inexpressibles [humorous], trews [Scot.], innominables [humorous], unmentionables [humorous], continuations [slang], kicks [slang]; overalls, smalls [colloq. or archaic], smallclothes [archaic]; pants [colloq.]; shintiyan; shorts; tights, drawers; knickerbockers, knickers [colloq.].\n