Discrete Tangible Action
Primary Base motor*

Child Elements  

badaw* abs ess sta Nomad, Bedouin, itinerant; lacking a permanent home.


Name/Link ΒΆ Type Source/Type Consumption Date




ber* Carriage Transitive motion of one entity on another entity.
sapar* Excursion Discreate motion with purpose.
trewd* Impulse (Motion) Motion conjoined with force.
miqr* Migration Motion with intent to change one's residence.
j* Motion with reference to Direction
nawmot* Navigation Locomotion by water or air.
motaq* Organs & Instruments of Motion
* Procession Organized and coordination motion by multiple vehicles.
motew* Quiescence Lack of motion.
syl* Recoil Motion conjoined with counteraction.
rajd* Riding Motion via an instrument of motion.
walk* Roving Motion from location to location without plan or purpose.
awtimot* Self-Motion Intransitive motion; reflexive motion; motion on one's own accord.
verg* Station Origin, destination or waypoint of motion.
veh* Transference Motion of a patient by an agent from an origin to a destination.
veh* Transportation Intentional transference
motor* Traveler
celer* Velocity Degree of motion over time.
waq* Wiggle Motion back and forth.


Traveler synonyms

SLEEPWALKER, somnambulist, somnambulator [rare], nightwalker, noctambulist.\n COURIER, messenger, express, estafette [F.], runner; Mercury, Iris, Ariel; comet.\n PEDESTRIAN, walker, foot passenger, hiker [colloq.], perigrinator [rare], tramper.\n RIDER, horseman, horsewoman [fem.], equestrian, equestrienne [fem.], cavalier, jockey, roughrider, trainer, breaker, huntsman, whip, postilion or postillion, postboy.\n DRIVER, coachman, Jehu [humorous], charioteer, carter, wagoner, drayman; cabman, cabdriver; voiturier [F.], vetturino [It.], condottiere [It.], gharry-wallah or gari-wala [Hind.], hackman, syce [India], truckman.\n [RAILROAD] engine driver [Brit.], engineer [U. S.], fireman, stoker, conductor, guard [Brit.], motorman.\n [AUTOMOBILE] driver, chauffeur, chauffeuse [fem.], automobilist, motorist, truck driver, mechanician; scorcher [slang], speed maniac, road hog [slang].