Motion of a patient by an agent from an origin to a destination.

Primary Base veh*

Child Elements  


Name/Link ΒΆ Type Source/Type Consumption Date




ber* Carriage Transitive motion of one entity on another entity.
sapar* Excursion Discreate motion with purpose.
trewd* Impulse (Motion) Motion conjoined with force.
miqr* Migration Motion with intent to change one's residence.
j* Motion with reference to Direction
nawmot* Navigation Locomotion by water or air.
motaq* Organs & Instruments of Motion
* Procession Organized and coordination motion by multiple vehicles.
motew* Quiescence Lack of motion.
syl* Recoil Motion conjoined with counteraction.
rajd* Riding Motion via an instrument of motion.
walk* Roving Motion from location to location without plan or purpose.
awtimot* Self-Motion Intransitive motion; reflexive motion; motion on one's own accord.
verg* Station Origin, destination or waypoint of motion.
veh* Transference Motion of a patient by an agent from an origin to a destination.
veh* Transportation Intentional transference
motor* Traveler
celer* Velocity Degree of motion over time.
waq* Wiggle Motion back and forth.



Deliverance Transitive transference from danger to safety. Extrication, rescue, ransom; reprieve, reprieval [rare], respite; armistice, truce; liberation [See Liberation]; emancipation; redemption, redeemableness, salvation; exemption; day of grace; riddance.


Motion of a patient by an agent from an origin to a destination.

Synonyms: Translocation, elocation [obs.]; displacement; metastasis, metathesis; removal; remotion; amotion; relegation; deportation, asportation, extradition, conveyance, draft; carrying, carriage; convection, conduction, contagion, infection; transfusion.

veh* Action base.
vehod* Agent.
vehend* Patient: Drift, alluvion, alluvium, detritus, deposit, moraine; deed, gift, bequest, legacy, lease; quitclaim; freight, cargo, mail, baggage, luggage [Brit.], goods [Brit.].
vehordj* Origin.
vehepj* Destination: Transferer, grantee, assignee; donee, legatee, consignee, indorsee, devisee.
vehaq* Means/instrument.

* Transportation (intentional transference).