Repeated change in one''s attitude or opinions with respect to a particular.

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* Timeserver Person who shapes his or her conduct to conform to the opinions of the time or of persons in power, especially for selfish ends.
* Turncoat Agent of tergiversation.



* Caprice Sudden change; change without motive; unpredictable change; change with irresolution.
leq* Choice Exercise of volition.
* Desuetude State of being no longer used or practiced.
* Habit Behavior pattern acquired externally and followed regularly, consistently or even involuntarily.
* Impulse
* Irresolution Lack of resolution.
* Necessity
* Obstinacy Triumph of will over argument, persuasion, or entreaty.
* Perseverance
* Predetermination
dejak* Rejection
* Resolution
* Scruple Moral or ethical consideration or standard that produces unwillingness, irresolution or fastidiousness.
* Tergiversation Repeated change in one''s attitude or opinions with respect to a particular.
lewq* Unwillingness Dissent of will.
wil* Will Faculty of volition.
* Willingness Assent of will.



Abrogation via contrary order. See Tergiversation.

Tergiversation synonyms

TERGIVERSATION, tergiversating, recantation; palinode, palinody [rare]; renunciation; abjuration, abjurement; defection (relinquishment) [See Relinquishment]; going over &c. v.; apostasy; retraction, retractation; withdrawal; disavowal (negation) [See Negation]; revocation, revokement [rare], reversal; repentance [See Penitence]; redintegratio amoris [L.].\n change of -mind, - intention, - purpose; afterthought.\n coquetry, flirtation; vacillation [See Irresolution].\n recidivism, recidivation, backsliding; volte-face [F.].\n