Primary Base steb*

Child Elements  

bem* dis tg Step, raised platform, bema.
fulk* tr (v) To hold up, support.
(n) Fulcrum.
jos* act m itg Support.
steb* m itg Physical support.
umer* mer dis tg Shoulder.


Name/Link ¶ Type Source/Type Consumption Date


kradl* Bed Instrument on which sleep takes place.
fund* Foundation Base support.
trab* Frame
pesard* Jockstrap Instrument of support for the penis and male gonads.
pulw* Pillow Instrument of physical support for the head and neck.
stul* Post Vertical instrument of support.
skept* Prop Instrument of physical support.
thron* Seat
* Stool
* Supporter


aks* Axis Line of reference regarding a linear dimension.
bas* Base Foundational or bottommost vertical extreme.
lat* Breadth Secondary linear dimension.
* Crossing
dub* Depth Orthogonal length as measured downward from a summit.
* Distance (cumulative) Cumulative linear dimension.
qert* Girth Breadth and thickness in relation to length.
* Height Orthogonal length as measured upward from a base.
kumb* Horizontality Parallelism to the plane of the earth or a reference plane.
dlawq* Increase of Linear Dimension
* Inversion
lonq* Length (primary linear dimension) Primary linear dimension.
kliv* Obliquity Deviation from orthogonality or parallelism.
orth* Orthogonality
parsi* Parallelism
konq* Pendency Inversion of base and summit.
sum* Summit Topmost vertical extreme.
steb* Support (Physical)
* Thickness Tertiary linear dimension.
* Verticality Orthogonality to the plane of the earth or a reference plane.



Corset Undergarment intended for support of the upper torso. Stays, corsage, brassière, camisole, corselet, bodice.'

Support (physical)

steb* Action base.
stebos* Essive.
stebor* Generative.
stebod* Dative agent.
stebend* Dative patient.
stebew* Abessive.
stebemp* Ablative agent.
stebolv* Ablative patient.
stebm* Result.

Means of support

stebaq* General base.
fund* Foundation (base support).
trab* Frame (structural support).
stul* Post.
skept* Prop (improvised support).
fust* Staff.