Topmost vertical extreme.

Primary Base sum*

Child Elements  

kefal* dis tg Head.
korw* pos sup dis tg Uppermost part, uppermost segment, head.
sum* sup dat loc Top, summit, peak, apex, climax.


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aks* Axis Line of reference regarding a linear dimension.
bas* Base Foundational or bottommost vertical extreme.
lat* Breadth Secondary linear dimension.
* Crossing
dub* Depth Orthogonal length as measured downward from a summit.
* Distance (cumulative) Cumulative linear dimension.
qert* Girth Breadth and thickness in relation to length.
* Height Orthogonal length as measured upward from a base.
kumb* Horizontality Parallelism to the plane of the earth or a reference plane.
dlawq* Increase of Linear Dimension
* Inversion
lonq* Length (primary linear dimension) Primary linear dimension.
kliv* Obliquity Deviation from orthogonality or parallelism.
orth* Orthogonality
parsi* Parallelism
konq* Pendency Inversion of base and summit.
sum* Summit Topmost vertical extreme.
steb* Support (Physical)
* Thickness Tertiary linear dimension.
* Verticality Orthogonality to the plane of the earth or a reference plane.


Linear Dimensions

Essive Abessive
lonq* Length lonqew* Shortness Primary dimension.
lat* Breadth latew* Secondary dimension.
* Thickness * Thinness Tertiary dimension.

Orthogonal relationship


Negative Positive
bas* Base sum* Summit Vertical extremes.
Dative Ablative
alt* Height altew* Lowness Length upward from the base.
dub* Depth dubew* Shallowness Length downward from the summit.


* Longness brev* Shortness Length compared to breadth and thickness.
qert* Girth cerv* Narrowness Breadth and thickness compared to length.

Summit synonyms

Top, vertex, apex, summity [obs.], zenith, pinnacle, acme, culmination, meridian, utmost height, height, pitch, maximum, climax; turn of the tide, fountainhead; sky, pole.\n TIP, tiptop; crest, crow’s nest, cap, truck, peak, nib; end [See End]; crown, brow; head, nob [slang], noddle [colloq.], pate [now humorous or derog.]; capsheaf.\n HIGH PLACES, heights.\n topgallant mast, skyscraper; quarter deck, hurricane deck.\n architrave, frieze, cornice, corona, coping, coping stone, zoöphorus, capital, headpiece, capstone, fastigium, larmier, epistyle, sconce, pediment, entablature; tympanum; ceiling (covering) [See Covering].\n attic, loft, garret, housetop, upper story, roof.