Taking without consent. Fraudulent acquisition.

Intangible Action
Primary Base furt*

Child Elements  

furt* act m itg Stealing.
qanab* act To steal, cheat.
rap* abl ac (v) To carry away, kidnap, steal, plunder, rob, rape, ravage, ravish, rip, rapture.
(n) Ravisher, thief, kidnapper, rapist.
vult* abl ac To pluck, tear away, steal.
(n) Vulture.


Name/Link ΒΆ Type Source/Type Consumption Date




nom* Apportionment
* Borrowing Receiving with agreement of future reimbursement.
don* Giving
* Lending Giving with agreement of future reimbursement.
* Receiving Terminal dual of Giving.
* Restitution Undoing of Taking.
furt* Stealing Taking without consent. Fraudulent acquisition.
* Taking Direct acquisition of property.
* Transfer


Stealing synonyms

PILLAGE, spoliation, plunder, sack, sackage [rare], rapine, brigandage, latrociny [obs.], latrocinium [Rom. law], highway robbery, holdup [slang, U. S.]; raid, foray, razzia; piracy, privateering, buccaneering; filibustering, filibusterism; burglary, housebreaking; abaction, cattle stealing, cattle lifting [colloq.], horse stealing; automobile -, car- stealing.\n PECULATION, embezzlement; fraud [See Deception]; larceny, petty larceny, pilfering, shoplifting.\n THIEVISHNESS, rapacity, predacity, predaciousness; kleptomania.\n