Quantity by negative comparison with a standard.

Primary Base min*

Child Elements  

-et* (1) (tax >) +dim Diminutive-class additive constructor.
min* abl rel subj ess sta Small.
minif* subj neg rel cau tr To make small, shrink.
minift* neg rel cau pa To become small (from/by).
minj* comp neg ess sta Smaller (than), lesser (than).
minult* ext ess sta m itg Excess of smallness.
momin* neg sup Smallest (among), least (among).
parv* abe sta m itg Commonality.
romin* neg abs sta Small enough.


Name/Link Type Source/Type Consumption Date



bazj* Berry Small, usually stoneless, juicy fruit. Irrespective of botanical structure.
daktyl* Finger
* Gamete Mature sexual reproductive cell that unites with another gamete to form a new organism.
qran* Grain Small, hard seed, especially the seed of a food plant.
* Message Minor quantum of information.
wat* Oasis Small fertile or green area within a desert.
por* Pore Minute opening or passageway.
pok* Pouch Container, generally small and easy to conceal, holding items of low value.
* Subordinality Smallness or inferiority of rank.
* Superordinality Greatness or superiority of rank.


Comparison with a standard

Concept Negative Positive
Root min* Smallness meq* Greatness
Comparative tromin* tromeq*
Superlative momin* Minimum momeq* Maximum
Causation/Dation Decrease Increase


* Small in distance.
oliq* Small in number.
paw+ Small in quanitty.
min* Small in size.

busk* Bush (small tree).
pu*, puir*, puiß* Child (small human or animal).
liþ* Pebble (small stone).
papl* Pimple.
stom* Stoma (small biological opening).

petj* Piece.