Primary Base maqn*

Child Elements  


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jac* Centrical Dimensions State and circumstance with reference to a center.
tinq* Contiguity Touching along a side or boundary.
span* Distance Linear dimension between two points or particulars.
* Interval Space between two points or particulars.
dl* Linear Dimensions State with reference to an axis.
vic* Nearness Lack or absence of distance.
maqn* Size


Size synonyms

Negative Term Neutral Term Positive Term \n General rel min* Small. ækw* Equal (to). meq* Great. \n Expressive rel xxx* Tiny. N/A qiq* Giant, huge. \n Comparative comp tromin* Smaller (than). N/A tromeq* Greater (than). \n Superlative sup momin* Smallest. N/A momeq* Greatest. \n Intransitive Causation rel cau itr trominiv* To become smaller. ækwiv* To become equal. tromeqiv* To become greater. \n Transitive Causation rel cau tr trominif* To make smaller ækwif* To make equal. tromeqif* To make greater. \n Extremitive ext minult* Too small. N/A meqult* Too great.