Primary Base ak*


Name/Link Type Source/Type Consumption Date


sagit* Arrow Wooden shaft with pointed metal head, intended to be launched as a projectile.
akanth* Barb
akosaq* Cutting Edge Essive instrument of sharpness.
korn* Horn
xarb* Lance Long wooden shaft with pointed metal head, used as a weapon in charging.
spin* Needle
* Peak
* Scimitar
akor* Sharpener Means of sharpening.
qer* Spear Long wooden shaft with pointed metal head, intended to be thrown.
qladj* Sword
tindj* Tine One of multiple projecting points on an instrument.
dent* Tooth


thysan* Edge Limit of interjacence.
fanqon* Fang Long, pointed tooth used for injecting venom.
jukempuraq* Instrument of Disjunction
* Nail Discrete vinculum of rod form,
with a broad flat summit, and a pointed base,
generally intended for permanent junction.
papyr* Paper
skrof* Screw Discrete vinculum of rod form with a spiral feature, intended for permanent junction.
spik* Spike Convexity of great height and relatively small girth.
astr* Starshape


akew* Bluntness Lack of sharpness.
klud* Closure
kav* Concavity Curvature inward.
mont* Convexity Curvature outward.
plat* Flatness Lack of convexity or concavity.
pl* Fold Curvature of a surface onto itself.
striq* Furrow Narrow concavity in a surface.
och* Notch Angular or V-shaped cut, indentation, or slit in an object, surface, or edge.
hi* Opening
* Roughness Nonuniformity of the texture of a surface.
ak* Sharpness
* Smoothness Uniformity of the texture of a surface.


Sharpness synonyms

Acuity, acumination, mucronation; spinosity.
POINT, spike, spine, spiculum; prick, prickle; spur, rowel, barb; spit, cusp; horn, antler; snag; tag; thorn, bristle.\nspoke, cog, ratchet.\n beard, cheval-de-frise (pl. chevaux-de-frise), porcupine, hedgehog, brier, bramble, thistle; comb; awn, bur or burr, catchweed, cleavers or clivers, goose grass, hairif or hariff [dial. Eng.], flax comb, hatchel or hackle or heckle.\n