Three-dimension analog of Circularity.

Intangible State
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kon* Cone Three-dimensional form of a triangle rotated about the longitudinal axis.
kylind* Cylinder Solid with circular cross-section.
orb* Sphere Three-dimensional form of a circle rotated about its diameter.



* Cube Polyhedron of 6 sides, each of which is a square, having equal length, breadth and thickness.
disk* Disc Solid with a circular primary surface and minor thickness.
fil* Filament Object or segment of great length versus girth.
strat* Layer Object or segment that has great length and breadth compared to its thickness.
multedr* Polyhedron
taen* Ribbon Surface having relatively great length versus breadth.
bak* Rod Solid of long, narrow form.
* Rotundity Three-dimension analog of Circularity.
* Solid Three-dimensional form having length, breadth and thickness.
* Surface Two-dimensional form with curvature through a third dimension.


Rotundity synonyms

Roundness &c. adj.; sphericality, sphericity, spheroidicity or spheroidity, globoseness, globosity, globularity, annularity, orotundity, orbiculation.