Motion in a continued circle.

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kwat* Agitation Irregular motion.
aderq* Approach Motion towards. Decrease of distance from.
eperq* Arrival Terminal motion at.
anaj* Ascent Motion upwards.
lac* Attraction Motion towards, actively.
* Circuition Curvilinear motion.
kirkerq* Circumnavigation Motion of an agent around a patient.
koserq* Convergence Motion of an agent towards a patient.
kontrij* Countermotion Motion against or opposing another motion.
aperq* Departure Initial motion from.
* Depression Transference downward.
kataj* Descent Motion downwards.
eperqanj* Destination Intended location of arrival.
* Deviation Motion away from a set direction.
vj* Direction
* Divergence Motion further off from.
ekserq* Egress Intransitive motion out of.
* Ejection Transference of the agent out of the patient.
tol* Elevation Transference upward.
* Encounter Motion of multiple entities towards each other.
* Evolution Motion in a reverse circle.
* Extraction Forcible egress.
inerq* Ingress Intransitive motion into.
* Initial Motion
* Insertion Forcible ingress.
salt* Leap Great ascent.
und* Oscillation Reciprocating motion, motion to and fro.
perj* Passage Motion through.
kad* Plunge Forceful insertion of an object into another object or a substance. (Not necessarily downward.)
prj* Precession Motion of an agent before or in front of a patient.
porj* Progression Motion forward.
jak* Propulsion Forward motion of a patient induced by an agent.
* Reception Transitive motion into.
* Recession Motion from.
terqej* Regression Motion backwards.
* Repulsion Motion from, actively; force driving apart.
* Return (Motion) Motion back to a prior location.
gyr* Rotation Motion in a continued circle.
sekw* Sequence Motion of an agent after, behind or following a patient.
* Shortcoming Motion short of.
* Terminal Motion
* Traction Motion given to an object situated behind.
* Transcursion Motion beyond.


rot* synonyms

Lat. rota, Alb. rreth/rrath, Lith. ratas, Ltv. rats, Gaul. Rotomagus, Gm. rad/Rad, OEng. rodur, Ir. roth/rath, Skr. रथ (ratha), Welsh rhod, Av. raθa, ON rǫðull

Rotation synonyms

Rotation, revolution, gyration, circulation, roll; circumrotation, circumvolution [rare], circumgyration; circumfusion, circination [obs.], turbination, pirouette, convolution.
[COMPARISONS] wheel, screw, propeller, turbine, whirligig, rolling stone, windmill; treadmill, top, teetotum; roller; cogwheel, gear, gearwheel, flywheel; jack, smokejack, turnspit; gyroplane, gyroscope, gyrostat, gyrocar; caster.
Axis (reference of rotation), axle, spindle, pivot, pin, hinge, pole, swivel, gimbals, arbor, bobbin, spool, reel, mandrel.
[SCIENCE OF ROTATORY MOTION] trochilics, gyrostatics.