Primary Base *

Child Elements  

dors* dis tg Dorsum, back, backside, rear.
dorsert* abs ess sta Facing the backside.
hint* loc The rear, backside.
landwin* dis tg Loin.
lumb* dis tg Loin.
retern* loc Rear, background.


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* Train A collection of particulars following a primary.


Rear synonyms

Opposite of Front.\n\nREAR, back, posteriority; rear rank, rear guard, rearward [archaic]; background, hinterland.\n occiput, nape; heels.\n SPINE, backbone, rachis, spinal column, chine.\n TAIL, scut, brush, appendage [humorous].\n RUMP, croup, buttock, posteriors, fundament, bottom [colloq.], stern [colloq.], seat, backside [vulgar], breech, dorsum, tergum, loin; dorsal -, lumbar- region; hind quarters; aitchbone.\n STERN, poop, counter, mizzenmast, postern door, tailpiece, after-part, heelpiece, crupper.\n WAKE; train (sequence) [See Sequence].\n REVERSE; other side of the shield.