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pekw* rel tg Property, wealth, assets, capital, riches, treasure.
pekwos* rel ess Having wealth, wealthy, rich.


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Property synonyms

NOUN: PROPERTY, possession, seizin or seisin; tenure (possession) [See Possession]; suum cuique [L.], meum et tuum [L.].\n OWNERSHIP, proprietorship, lordship; seigniory or seignory or seigneury, seignoralty; empire (dominion) [See Authority].\n ESTATE, interest, stake, right, title, claim, demand, holding; vested -, contingent -, beneficial -, equitable- interest; use, trust, benefit; legal -, equitable- estate.\n absolute interest, paramount estate, freehold; fee, - simple, - tail; estate -in fee, - in tail, - tail; estate in tail -male, - female, - general.\n term, limitation, lease, settlement, strict settlement, particular estate; estate -for life, - for years, - pur autre vie [F.]; remainder, reversion, expectancy, possibility.\n DOWER, dowry, jointure, appanage or apanage, inheritance, heritage, patrimony, alimony; legacy (gift) [See Giving]; Falcidian law, paternal estate, thirds.\n ASSETS, belongings, means, resources, circumstances; wealth [See Wealth]; money [See Money]; what one -is worth, - will cut up for [colloq.]; estate and effects.\n REALTY, land, lands, prædium [L.]; landed -, real- -estate, - property; tenements; hereditaments; corporeal -, incorporeal- hereditaments; acres; ground (earth) [See Land]; acquest, mesestead [archaic], messuage, toft [Scot. & dial. Eng.].\n manor, honor [Eng. feudal law], domain, demesne; farm, plantation, hacienda [Sp. Am.]; alodium or allodium (free) [See Freedom]; feoff, fief, feud or feod, zamindari or zemindari [India], arado [S. W. U. S.], rancho [S. W. U. S.], ranch.\n freeholds, copyholds, leaseholds; folkland [O. Eng. law].\n chattels real; fixtures, plant, heirloom; easement; right of -common, - user.\n TERRITORY, state, kingdom, principality, realm, empire, protectorate, dependency, sphere of influence, mandate.\n PERSONALTY; personal -property, - estate, - effects; chattels, goods, effects, movables, stock, - in trade; things, traps [colloq.], chattels personal, rattletraps, paraphernalia; equipage [See Instrument]; parcels [Eng.], appurtenances.\n IMPEDIMENTA; luggage, baggage; bag and baggage; pelf; cargo, lading.\n INCOME (receipts) [See Receipt]; rent roll; maul and wedges [U. S.].\n patent, copyright; chose in action; credit [See Credit]; debt [See Debt].