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Possessor synonyms

NOUN: POSSESSOR, holder; occupant, occupier; tenant; person or man in possession [See Possession]; renter, lodger, lessee, underlessee; zamindar or zemindar [India]; ryot [India]; tenant -on sufferance, - at will, - from year to year, - for years, - for life.\n OWNER; proprietor, proprietress, proprietary; impropriator, master, mistress, lord.\n LANDHOLDER, landowner, landlord, landlady; lord -of the manor, - paramount; heritor [Scots law], laird [Scot.], vavasor or vavasour [feud. law]; landed gentry, mesne lord; planter.\n BENEFICIARY, cestui que (or qui) trust [law], mortgagor.\n GRANTEE, feoffee, feoffee in trust, releasee, devisee; legatee, legatary [rare].\n TRUSTEE; holder &c. of the legal estate; mortgagee.\n right owner, rightful owner.\n [FUTURE POSSESSOR] heir, - apparent, - presumptive; inheritor, reversioner; remainder-man; heiress, inheritress, inheritrix.