Entrance, entry point, or means of entry.

Discrete Tangible State
Primary Base jan*

Child Elements  

jan* loc dis tg 1. Archway, doorway, gateway.
2. Lobby.


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* Alley Opening for walking.
* Hole Result of opening.
hior* Opener Instrument of opening.
or* Orifice Zoological opening for eating or excretion.
terebr* Perforation Opening of a subject by force with an object.
terebrobl* Perforator Instrument of perforation.
por* Pore Minute opening or passageway.
hiobi* Porousness Quality of containing openings.
jan* Portal Entrance, entry point, or means of entry.
kamin* Tube Solid of cylinder, rod or filament form that is open through its middle.
tun* Tunnel
fenestr* Window Opening within a continuum.
bat* Yawn Opening the mouth due to weariness or fatigue.