Absence of change.

Primary Base dur*

Child Elements  


Name/Link ΒΆ Type Source/Type Consumption Date



mechuq* Dementia Permanent or persistent insanity.
* Nail Discrete vinculum of rod form,
with a broad flat summit, and a pointed base,
generally intended for permanent junction.
skrof* Screw Discrete vinculum of rod form with a spiral feature, intended for permanent junction.
ten* Tenacity Permanence, obstinancy or coherence despite pressure or trauma.


paw* Cessation Change from action to rest.
me* Change Difference at different times.
kem* Conversion Change in nature, substance, form, or condition.
komime* Interchange Double or mutual change.
dur* Permanence Absence of change.
reme* Reversion Change to a previous state.
* Revolution Sudden or violent change.
vik* Substitution Change of one thing for another.
mut* Transformation Change in form.


Permanence synonyms

Permanency, fixity, persistence, endurance; durableness, durability, lastingness; standing, status quo [L.]; maintenance, preservation, conservation; conservatism.

See Stability, Quiescence, Obstinacy.