Essive of incompleteness. Abessive of completeness.

Primary Base *

Child Elements  

nitot* Some but not all.
partitot* Some but not all.


Name/Link ΒΆ Type Source/Type Consumption Date


sk* Component Standard part.
membr* Member Part that composes a collection.
bris* Oddments Odd or irregular part.
petj* Piece Small part disjoined from a greater whole.


sk* Component Standard part.
* Fraction
zon* Region Definite space.


plen* Completeness
teks* Composition Assemblage of parts into a whole.
* Exclusion
* Extraneousness From without; not belonging or proper to the whole.
plenew* Incompleteness
* Part Essive of incompleteness. Abessive of completeness.
hol* Whole Essive of completeness.


Part synonyms

PART, portion; dose, item, particular; aught, any; division; ward, parcel [law or archaic], count; sector, segment; fraction, fragment; cantle, cantlet; frustum [rare]; detachment, subdivision.\n section, chapter, verse; article, clause, phrase, paragraph, passage, number, book, fascicle, fascicule or fasciculus, livraison [F.].\n