Negative passive affection.

Primary Base pen*

Child Elements  

ank* rel m itg Anxiety.
ankod* dat ac To stress, tighten, constrict, cause pain to.
ankos* ess sta Under pressure, under stress, tight, constricted, painful, anxious.
kefalalg* m itg Head pain, headache.
miser* m itg Unhappiness, misery, infelicity, tribulation, wretchedness, desolation.
pen* unb rel m itg Pain, punishment, penance.
veks* act m itg Annoyance, irritation, worry, infliction, visitation; plague, bore; bother, vexation, mortification, chagrin.


Name/Link Type Source/Type Consumption Date


ank* Anxiety
ejl* Colic Pain of the abdomen or intestines.
maer* Grief Pain due to loss.
aek* Torture Deliberate infliction of pain.


asper* Aggravation Increase in severity, bitterness, or violence.
jok* Amusement Holding the attention of someone pleasantly.
qawd* Cheer
sat* Content
dol* Dejection
* Discontent Opposite of Content.
* Homesickness Pain over separation from one's home or family.
lament* Lamentation Expression of pain.
* Nostalgia Passive affections for things of the past.
pen* Pain Negative passive affection.
hedon* Pleasure Positive passive affection.
* Regret Pain over wrongdoing.
* Rejoicing Expression of pleasure.
lev* Relief Decrease in severity, bitterness, or violence.
taedj* Weariness



pen* General base.

ank* Anxiety.
mær* Grief.
miser* Unhappiness, infelicity, misery, tribulation, wretchedness, desolation.
veks* Annoyance, irritation, worry, infliction, visitation; plague, bore; bother, botheration; stew, vexation, mortification, chagrin, esclandre.

Stress, care, fret, burden, load, trouble, trial, ordeal, solicitude, shock, blow, cark, dole.
Displeasure, dissatisfaction, discomfort, discomposure, disquiet; malaise; inquietude, uneasiness.
mental suffering, pain, dolor; suffering, sufferance; ache, smart (physical pain) [more]; passion.
nightmare, ephialtes, incubus.
pang, anguish, agony; torture, torment; purgatory (hell) [more].

penos* Essive of pain: Sufferer, victim, prey, martyr, wretch.

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