Intangible State
Primary Base *

Child Elements  

blast* dis tg Germ, bud.
frond* dis tg Large, compound leaf, such as that of a palm of fern.
fyt* const bio dis tg An organism that is characterized by where or in what it lives.
genek* dis tg Reproductive organ.
kœl* dis tg Coelom.
korp* dis tg Body.
mast* dis tg Woman's breast; man's pectoral muscle.
myk* dis tg Fungus, mycin.
naþ* dis tg Lower jawbone.
orqan* abs ess sta dis tg Bodily organ.
sponq* dis tg Sponge, fungus.
visker* dis tg Internal organ.


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Organization synonyms

ORGANIZATION, organized world, organized nature, living nature, animated nature; living beings; organic remains; organism, bion [physiological individual]; morphon [morphological individual]; biota, animal and plant life, fauna and flora.\n FOSSILS, fossilization, lapidification, petrification, petrifaction, paleontology or palæontology, paleozoölogy or palæozoölogy; paleontologist or palæontologist.\n [SCIENCE OF LIVING BEINGS] biology, natural history; 1zoölogy [See Zoölogy]; botany [See Botany]; physiology, anatomy, cytology, embryology, organic chemistry, morphology; promorphology, tectology; cell theory or cellular theory, evolution, metabolism; abiogenesis, spontaneous generation; archigenesis (production) [See Production]; biotaxy, ecology or œcology, ontogeny, phylogeny, polymorphism, oxidation, invagination, vertebration.\n NATURALIST, biologist, zoölogist, botanist, bacteriologist, embryologist, Darwinian.\n PROTOPLASM, plasma or plasm, cytoplasm, metaplasm, karyoplasm, bioplasm, trophoplasm, idioplasm; cell, proteid, protein, albumen, albumin, albuminoid; structure [See Texture]; chromatin; centrosome, nucleolus, karyosome, vacuole, chromosome; protoplast, protozoan, amœba; karyaster, erythroblast, dysmeromorph, antherozoid.\n