Primary Base hi*

Child Elements  

hi* dis itg Opening.
hiend* dat pa To be(come) opened (by/from).
hiod* dat ac To open.
hior* gen act 1. To open, gape, yawn.
2. (Of plants) To split open spontaneously to discharge seeds, pollen, or other contents.
hios* ess sta Open.
sto* dis tg Porch, stoa.
stom* dis tg Stoma, small opening that is not a pore.


Name/Link Type Source/Type Consumption Date


* Alley Opening for walking.
* Hole Result of opening.
hior* Opener Instrument of opening.
or* Orifice Zoological opening for eating or excretion.
terebr* Perforation Opening of a subject by force with an object.
terebrobl* Perforator Instrument of perforation.
por* Pore Minute opening or passageway.
hiobi* Porousness Quality of containing openings.
jan* Portal Entrance, entry point, or means of entry.
kamin* Tube Solid of cylinder, rod or filament form that is open through its middle.
tun* Tunnel
fenestr* Window Opening within a continuum.
bat* Yawn Opening the mouth due to weariness or fatigue.


kanal* Conduit Opening for the passage of fluid matter.


akew* Bluntness Lack of sharpness.
klud* Closure
kav* Concavity Curvature inward.
mont* Convexity Curvature outward.
plat* Flatness Lack of convexity or concavity.
pl* Fold Curvature of a surface onto itself.
striq* Furrow Narrow concavity in a surface.
och* Notch Angular or V-shaped cut, indentation, or slit in an object, surface, or edge.
hi* Opening
* Roughness Nonuniformity of the texture of a surface.
ak* Sharpness
* Smoothness Uniformity of the texture of a surface.


Opening synonyms

Gape, yawn; chasm, gorge, defile, ravine, cañon, crevasse, abyss, abysm; gulf; inlet, frith, strait, gully.
outlet, inlet; vent, venthole, blowhole, airhole, spiracle; vomitory [Rom. arch.]; embouchure; orifice, mouth, sucker, muzzle, throat, gullet, weasand, wizen [dial.], nozzle; placket.
WAY, path [See Method]; thoroughfare; channel, gully; passage, passageway.
POROUSNESS, porosity; sieve, strainer, colander or cullender; cribble, riddle, screen; honeycomb.