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* Insolvency Insufficiency or depletion of funds resulting in nonpayment.



* Bank Monetary instrument of holding.
bolq* Budget Money allocated for a particular purpose.
* Credit
* Currency Medium of money.
liq* Debt Money owed.
* Expenditure Money going out.
jap* Gratuity Giving without price.
* Interest Increase in accounts due to time held.
monet* Money
* Nonpayment
sord* Parsimony Tight policy with regards to giving or payment.
* Payment Transfer of money.
penj* Poverty Insufficiency or depletion of wealth.
tarif* Price Sum or amount of money or its equivalent for which something is bought, sold, or offered for sale.
* Solvency Sufficiency of wealth to pay all just debts.
burs* Treasury Monetary facility.
* Wealth Accumulation of money or assets.


Nonpayment synonyms

NONPAYMENT; default, defalcation; protest, repudiation; application of the sponge; whitewashing.\n INSOLVENCY, bankruptcy, failure; insufficiency [See Insufficiency]; run upon a bank; overdrawn account.\n waste paper bonds; dishonored -, protested- bills; bogus check or cheque.\n DEFAULTER, bankrupt, insolvent debtor, lame duck [slang], man of straw; welsher or welcher, stag [obs.], levanter, absconder.