Primary Base cerv*

Child Elements  

cervik* abs mer ess sta dis itg Normal narrowness within a greater whole.
lept* Slender, narrow.
mikr* neg rel Thin, narrow.


Name/Link Type Source/Type Consumption Date


sten* Stenosis Abnormal narrowness caused by filling.
strinq* Stricture Abnormal narrowness caused by tightening.


striq* Furrow Narrow concavity in a surface.
* Nail Discrete vinculum of rod form,
with a broad flat summit, and a pointed base,
generally intended for permanent junction.
papyr* Paper
spin* Pin Discrete vinculum, usually of metal, of filament form, generally intended for temporary junction.
skrof* Screw Discrete vinculum of rod form with a spiral feature, intended for permanent junction.
spik* Spike Convexity of great height and relatively small girth.



Linear Dimensions

Essive Abessive
lonq* Length lonqew* Shortness Primary dimension.
lat* Breadth latew* Secondary dimension.
* Thickness * Thinness Tertiary dimension.

Orthogonal relationship


Negative Positive
bas* Base sum* Summit Vertical extremes.
Dative Ablative
alt* Height altew* Lowness Length upward from the base.
dub* Depth dubew* Shallowness Length downward from the summit.


* Longness brev* Shortness Length compared to breadth and thickness.
qert* Girth cerv* Narrowness Breadth and thickness compared to length.

Narrowness synonyms

NARROWNESS &c. adj.; closeness, exility [rare]; exiguity (little) [See Littleness].\n line; hair’s -, finger’s- breadth; strip, streak, vein.\n THINNESS &c. adj.; tenuity; emaciation, marcor [obs.], macilence or macilency [rare].\n shaving, slip (filament) [See Filament]; thread paper, skeleton, shadow, scrag, atomy [obs. or joc.], anatomy [archaic], study in anatomy [humorous], spindle-shanks [humorous or contemptuous], bare-bone, lantern jaws, mere skin and bone.\n MIDDLE CONSTRICTION, stricture, coarctation [med.]; neck, waist, isthmus, wasp, hourglass; ridge, ghât or ghaut [India], pass; ravine [See Interval].\n NARROWING, angustation, tapering; contraction [See Contraction].