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karmen* m itg Song, music.
karmenor* gen act To emit music; to sing.
mows* Music.
zemer* m itg Traditional or folk music.


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Music synonyms

MUSIC; strain, tune, air; melody [See Melody. Concord]; piece of music, morceau [F.], rondo, rondeau, pastorale [It.], pastoral, cavatina, fantasia, toccata [It.], toccatella [It.], toccatina [It.], capriccio [It.], fugue, canon; potpourri, medley, incidental music; variations, roulade, cadenza, cadence, trill; serenade, notturno [It.], nocturne; passamezzo [It.]; staff or stave [See Melody. Concord].\n INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC; orchestral score, full score; minstrelsy, tweedledum and tweedledee [applied by Byrom to the feuds between Handel and Bononcini]; band, orchestra [See Musician]; composition, opus (pl. opera) [L.], movement, concert piece, concerted piece, symphony, concerto [It.], sonata, symphonic poem, tone poem; chamber music; overture, prelude, voluntary, Vorspiel [Ger.]; string quartet or quartette.\n LIVELY MUSIC, polka, reel (dance) [See Blemish]; ragtime, jazz; syncopation; allegro &c. adv.\n SLOW MUSIC, slow movement, Lydian measures; adagio &c. adv.; minuet; siren strains, soft music; lullaby, cradle song, berceuse [F.]; dump [obs.]; dirge (lament) [See Lamentation]; pibroch, coronach [Scot. & Ir.], dead march, martial music, march; waltz (dance) [See Amusement].\n VOCAL MUSIC, vocalism; chaunt [archaic], chant; psalm, psalmody, hymnology; hymn; song (poem) [See Poetry]; oratorio, opera, operetta; canticle, cantata, lay, ballad, ditty, carol, pastoral, recitative or recitativo, aria parlante [It.], aria, arietta or ariette, canzonet; bravura, coloratura [It.], colorature; virtuoso music, cantabile.\n solo, duet, duo [It.], trio, terzetto, quartet or quartette, quintet or quartette, sestet or sextet, septet, double quartet, chorus; part song, descant, glee, madrigal, catch, round, chorale; antiphon, antiphony; accompaniment; inside part, second, alto, tenor, bass; score, piano score, vocal score; burden, bourdon, drone.\n CONCERT, musicale, musical [colloq.], recital, chamber concert, popular concert or pop [colloq.], open-air concert, serenade, aubade [F.]; community singing, singsong [colloq.].\n METHOD, solfeggio [It.], tonic sol-fa, solmization; sight -singing, - reading; reading at sight.\n