Agent of delivering information.

Discrete Tangible
Primary Base bewd*

Child Elements  


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* Affirmation Assertion of existence, truth or goodness.
cel* Concealment Causation of latency.
lewh* Deception Misleading by false or untrue appearance or statement.
fater* Disclosure Removal of latency.
alm* Education Development of knowledge or skill.
* Exaggeration Expansion beyond the limits of truth or reason.
* Examination Evaluation of learning.
psewd* Falsehood Misrepresentation, perversion or suppression of truth.
* Information
* Latency Presence without visibility; existance as potential; lack of expression.
math* Learning Passive education.
fend* Manifestation
bewd* Messenger Agent of delivering information.
* Misteaching
neq* Negation
* Publication
* Secret Object of concealment.
* Teacher Agent of teaching.
* Teaching Active education.
verew* Untruth Absence, lack or void of truth.
genw* Veracity


Messenger synonyms

Envoy, emissary, legate, delegate, nuncio, internuncio, intermediary, go-between; ambassador (diplomatist) [See Consignee].
Gabriel, Hermes, Mercury, Iris, Ariel.
marshal, flag bearer, herald, crier, trumpeter, bellman, pursuivant, parlementaire [F.], apparitor.
COURIER, runner, dak or dawk [India], estafette or estafet, commissionaire; errand boy, chore boy, newsboy.
MAIL; post, post office; letter bag, mail bag; postman, mail-man, letter carrier; mail train, mail boat, mailer; aërial mail; carrier pigeon.
TELEGRAPH, cable [colloq.], wire [colloq.], radiotelegraph, wireless telegraph, wireless [colloq.], radio [colloq.].
TELEPHONE, phone [colloq.], radio-telephone, radiophone, wireless telephone.
REPORTER, newspaperman, journalist; gentleman -, representative- of the Press; penny-a-liner; hack writer, special -, war -, own- correspondent; spy, scout; informer [See Information].