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ton* Tone, pitch.


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Melody synonyms

MELODY, rhythm, measure; rime or rhyme (poetry) [See Poetry].\n [MUSICAL TERMS] pitch, timbre, intonation, tone, overtone.\n orchestration, harmonization, modulation, phrasing, temperament, syncope, syncopation, preparation, suspension, solution, resolution.\n staff or stave, line, space, brace; bar, rest; appoggiato [It.], appoggiatura [It.]; acciaccatura [It.], trill or shake, turn, arpeggio [It.].\n NOTE, musical note, notes of a scale; sharp, flat, natural; high note (shrillness) [See Stridor]; low note [See Resonance]; interval; semitone; second, third, fourth &c.; diatessaron [ancient music].\n breve, semibreve or whole note, minim or half note, crotchet or quarter note, quaver or eighth note, semiquaver or sixteenth note, demisemiquaver or thirty-second note; sustained note, drone, bourdon, burden.\n SCALE, gamut; diapason; diatonic -, chromatic -, enharmonic- scale; key, clef, chords.\n tonic; key -, leading -, fundamental- note; supertonic, mediant, dominant; pedal point, organ point; submediant, subdominant; octave, tetrachord; Dorian or Doric - mode, - tetrachord; major -, minor- -mode, - scale, - key; passage, phrase.\n HARMONY, concord, emmeleia; euphony, euphonism; tonality; consonance; concent [archaic], concentus; part.\n unison, unisonance; chime, homophony.\n [SCIENCE OF HARMONY] harmony, harmonics; thorough bass, fundamental bass; counterpoint; faburden [medieval music].\n OPUS (pl. opera) [L.], piece of music [See Music].\n COMPOSER, harmonist, contrapuntist.