Smallness of size.

Primary Base *

Child Elements  

liþ* ess sta dis tg Pebble, small stone.
minix* ind dis tg Minnow.


Name/Link Type Source/Type Consumption Date


abak* Chaff Essive of littleness and unimportance.
dwerv* Dwarfism Abnormal or unusual littleness.
musk* Mite Little insect.
* Particle Indefinite essive of littleness.
fum* Smoke Volume of air and/or gasses populated with particles or chaff.



Little Lifeforms

molecule, microbe, germ, microörganism, bacterium (pl. bacteria), microphyte, microzyme, amœba, microzoa, entozoön (pl. entozoa), phytozoaria, infusoria.

Littleness comparisons

millet seed, mustard seed; barleycorn; pebble, grain of sand; molehill, button, bubble.

Littleness synonyms

Smallness &c. (of quantity) [See Smallness]; exiguity, inextension; parvitude [rare], parvity [obs.]; duodecimo; Elzevir edition, epitome; microcosm; rudiment; vanishing point; thinness [See Narrowness, Thinness].
MICROGRAPHY; micrometer, microscope, interferometer, vernier; scale.

Size Correlation

Negative Positive
Base xx* Littleness (abe) xx* Bigness (ess)
Change wan* Contraction (decr) pand* Expansion (incr)