Case in a court of law involving a claim or complaint by one party against another.

Primary Base lit*

Child Elements  

lit* dis itg Lawsuit, legal case.
litend* dat pa To be sued (by), be served with a lawsuit (by).
litod* dat ac To sue, bring a lawsuit against.
relit* dis itg Appeal.


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* Acquittal Discharge or settlement of a debt or obligation.
* Condemnation Unfavorable judgment; judgment against; imposition of a debt or obligation.
juroek* Court Facility of law.
juront* Illegality Contradiction with the law.
jurodik* Judge Administrator of justice.
* Juror Member of a jury.
* Jury Group of persons sworn to render a verdict or true answer on a question or questions officially submitted to them.
jurew* Lawlessness Absence of law.
lit* Lawsuit Case in a court of law involving a claim or complaint by one party against another.
juroq* Lawyer Agent whose profession is to represent clients in a court of law or to advise or act for clients in other legal matters.
jural* Legality Conformity with the law.
litos* Litigant Party to a lawsuit.
mulk* Penalty Punishment imposed or incurred for a violation of law or rule.
* Punishment Administration of justice.
* Reward
* Tribunal Court of justice.


Lawsuit synonyms

WRIT, summons, subpœna, citation, latitat [Eng. law]; nisi prius, venire, venire facias, habeas corpus [all L.].
ARRAIGNMENT, prosecution, impeachment; accusation [See Accusation]; presentment, true bill, indictment.
ARREST, apprehension, committal, commitment; imprisonment (restraint) [See Restraint].
PLEADINGS; declaration, bill, claim; procès-verbal [F.], bill of right, information, corpus delicti [L.]; affidavit, state of facts, libel; answer, replication, plea, demurrer, rebutter, rejoinder; surrebutter, surrejoinder.
suitor, libelant or libellant, party to a suit; litigant [See Accusation].
HEARING, trial; judgment, sentence, finding, verdict [See Judgment]; appeal, - motion; writ of error; certiorari.
CASE, decision, precedent; decided case, reports.