Primary Base qn*

Child Elements  

no* ag To know, have knowledge of.
nor* act m itg Knowledge or awareness of another person.
nosk* init ag To be aware of someone or something.
qn* const m itg Knowledge, understanding.


Name/Link Type Source/Type Consumption Date



alm* Education Development of knowledge or skill.


qarq* Absurdity Contrarity to reason.
rat* Assent Judgment in the positive.
fid* Belief Confidence in the truth or existence of something that may not immediately be susceptible to rigorous proof.
aperj* Discovery Result of search or inquiry.
* Dissent Judgment in the negative.
ers* Error
stult* Imbecility Acclivity to misjudgment.
* Incredulity Unwillingness to believe or trust, particularly without proper or adequate evidence.
lys* Insanity Lack of ability to reason.
* Intelligence Acclivity to goodness|good judgment.
* Judgment
qn* Knowledge
* Madman Agent of insanity.
verolym* Maxim Result of decomposition of truth.
karsj* Misjudgment Errant judgment.
* Overestimation
sofos* Sage Esssive of good judgment.
bakl* Sanity Acclivity to reason.
ver* Truth Object of knowledge.
fidew* Unbelief Lack of belief.
* Underestimation



Ablative agent of knowledge. Ignoramus, illiterate, dunce, duffer, woodenhead [colloq.], bonehead [slang], solid ivory [slang], numskull [colloq.].
SCIOLIST, smatterer, dabbler, half scholar; charlatan; wiseacre.
NOVICE, tenderfoot; greenhorn (dupe) [See Dupe]; plebe or pleb [cant, U. S.]; tyro (learner) [See Learner]; lubber (bungler) [See Bungler]; fool [See Fool].

Imperfect Knowledge

Imperfect Knowledge Smattering, superficiality, half-learning, shallowness, sciolism, glimmering; bewilderment (uncertainty) [See Uncertainty]; incapacity.

Knowledge synonyms

Cognizance, cognition; acquaintance, experience, ken, privity, insight, familiarity; comprehension, apprehension; recognition; intuition; conscience, consciousness; perception, apperception, precognition; acroamatics.
[Modes of knowledge] Science, philosophy, pansophism, pansophy; acroama; theory, ætiology or etiology; pandect, doctrine, body of doctrine; cyclopedia or cyclopædia, encyclopedia or encyclopædia.