Discrete Action
Primary Base kwaer*


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kwaeror* Generative or dative agent of inquiry.
To seek, need, require, demand, depend on (a condition). Investigator, inquisitor, inspector, querist, examiner, probator, catechist; scrutator, scrutineer, scrutinizer; analyst; quidnunc (curiosity).


kwær* Inquiry. Request; search, research, quest; pursuit.

kwæroq* Executive: To use/wield inquiry.
kwæror* Generative: To produce inquiry.

kwæros* Essive of having.
kwærod* Dative agent: To inquire, ask, question.
kwærend* Dative patient: To be questioned (by).

Request [more]; search, research, quest, pursuit [more].

tempt* Examination (extensive inquiry; inquiry in depth), review, scrutiny, investigation, indagation; perquisition, perscrutation, pervestigation; inquest, inquisition; exploration; exploitation, ventilation.

Sifting; calculation, analysis, dissection, resolution, induction.

Strict inquiry, close inquiry, searching inquiry, exhaustive inquiry; narrow search, strict search; study (consideration) [more].


Questioning; interrogation, interrogatory; interpellation; challenge, examination, cross-examination, catechism; feeler, Socratic method, zetetic philosophy; leading question; discussion (reasoning) [more].

Reconnoitering, reconnaissance; prying;

spæ* Espionage (secretive inquiry), spying.

Question, query, problem, desideratum, point to be solved, porism; subject of inquiry, field of inquiry, subject of controversy; point in dispute, matter in dispute; moot point; issue, question at issue; bone of contention (discord) [more]; plain question, fair question, open question; enigma (secret) [more]; knotty point (difficulty) [more]; quodlibet; threshold of an inquiry.

Inquirer, investigator, inquisitor, inspector, querist, examiner, catechist; scrutator, scrutineer, scrutinizer; analyst; quidnunc (curiosity) [more].