Primary Base *

Child Elements  

æs* n: m tg Bronze.
æþ* (chem) m tg 1. Ether. A compound containing an oxygen atom bonded to two hydrocarbon groups.
2. Alcohol (C2H5OH).
-ak* m tg Oxide.
akat* tg Agate.
alum* m tg Alum.
iljum* m tg Jade.
kalj* m tg Potash.
kalk* m tg Limestone.
kroment* tg Chrome.
kuxl* tg Powder of antimony, kohl.
marqar* dis tg Pearl.
okr* m tg Ocher.
petr* m tg Rock.
(nm) Peter, Pierre, Pedro.
sal* m tg Salt.
silik* m tg Flint.
þunarumat* m tg Thoron.


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vitr* Glass
* Imperfect Fluids
sal* Salt Compound formed by the replacement of one or more hydrogen atoms of an acid with elements or groups, which are composed of anions and cations, and which usually ionize in solution.