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Child Elements  


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efeb* Adolescence Time of transition into adulthood.
al* Adulthood State of having attained one's full size and strength.
pu* Childhood
bab* Infancy
* Middle Age
* Puberty Time of transition from youth to adolescence.
sen* Seniority (Age) Lateness of life.
juv* Youth Earliness of life.


Infancy synonyms

INFANT, babe, baby; nursling, suckling, yearling, weanling; papoose, bambino [It.]; vagitus.
CHILD, bairn [Scot.], tot, mite, scrap, chick, kid [slang], butcha or bacha [Hind.]; little one, brat, chit, pickaninny [U. S.], urchin; bantling, bratling elf.
YOUTH, slip, sprig, stripling, youngster, younker [colloq.], whipster [rare], youngling [rare], damoiseau [archaic], cub, callant [Scot.], whippersnapper [colloq.], whiffet [U. S.], hopeful, cadet, minor.
SCION, sapling, seedling; tendril, olivebranch, nestling, chicken, duckling, larva, chrysalis, tadpole, whelp, cub, pullet, fry, callow [obs.], codling or codlin; fœtus, calf, colt, pup, puppy, foal, kitten; lamb, lambkin; aurelia, caterpillar, cocoon, nymph, nympha, pupa, staddle.