Lack of activity.

Intangible State
Primary Base kwj*

Child Elements  

kwj* rel ess sta m itg Inactivity.
leþ* rel ess sta m itg Forgetfulness, lethargy.
supn* act m itg Hypnosis, trance.


Name/Link Type Source/Type Consumption Date


lanqw* Languor Insufficiency of activity.
drem* Repose Deliberate or purposeful inactivity.
somn* Sleep Deliberate inactivity for the purpose of rejuvenation.


fat* Fatigue
drem* Repose Deliberate or purposeful inactivity.


prak* Action
* Activity Rate of action.
q* Agent Cause or initiator of action.
nit* Exertion
fat* Fatigue
* Haste Quickness to action.
prakew* Inaction Lack of action.
kwj* Inactivity Lack of activity.
otj* Leisure Slowness to action.
dhend* Patient Target or participant of action.
* Refreshment


Inactivity synonyms

IDLENESS, remissness &c. adj.; sloth, indolence, indiligence [rare]; dawdling &c. v.; ergophobia, otiosity, hoboism [U. S.].
dull work; pottering; relaxation (loosening) [See Incoherence]; Castle of Indolence.
LANGUOR; dullness &c. adj.; segnity [obs.], segnitude [obs.], lentor; sluggishness (slowness) [See Slowness]; procrastination (delay) [See Lateness]; torpor, torpidity, torpescence; stupor (insensibility) [See Insensibility]; somnolence; drowsiness &c. adj.; nodding &c. v.; oscitation, oscitancy; pandiculation, hypnotism, lethargy; statuvolence or statuvolism; sand in the eyes, heaviness, heavy eyelids.
SLEEP, slumber; sound -, heavy -, balmy- sleep; Morpheus; Somnus; coma, trance, catalepsy, hypnosis, ecstasis, dream; hibernation; nap, doze, snooze [colloq. or dial.], siesta, wink of sleep, forty winks [colloq.]; snore; hypnology.
[CAUSE OF INACTIVITY] lullaby, berceuse [F.], Schlummerlied [Ger.]; anæsthesia or anesthesia, anæsthetic or anesthetic, opiate, sedative [See Moderation].
IDLER, drone, dawdle [rare], dawdler; stiff, dead one [both slang], mopus [obs.], do-little, fainéant [F.], dummy, sleeping partner; afternoon farmer; truant (runaway) [See Avoidance]; bummer [U. S.], bum [slang, U. S.], Weary Willie [colloq.], tramp, sundowner [slang, Austral.], hobo [U. S.], fakir or fakeer [Moham.], sunyasi [Hind.]; beggar, cadger [slang], lounge lizard [slang, U. S.], lounger, lazzarone, loafer; lubber, lubbard [rare]; slow coach (slow) [See Slowness]; opium -, lotus- eater; slug; laggard, sluggard; slumberer; dormouse, marmot.