Orthogonal length as measured upward from a base.

Positive Dative
Primary Base *

Child Elements  

alt* 1. subj unb pos rel
2. card loc
1. High.
2. Up.
tur* pos rel ess sta Great in height.


Name/Link ΒΆ Type Source/Type Consumption Date



[[[base:deb**]]] Corpulence Abnormal bigness of girth relative to height. Obesity; plumpness.
alp* Mountain Lump of great height.


aks* Axis Line of reference regarding a linear dimension.
bas* Base Foundational or bottommost vertical extreme.
lat* Breadth Secondary linear dimension.
* Crossing
dub* Depth Orthogonal length as measured downward from a summit.
* Distance (cumulative) Cumulative linear dimension.
qert* Girth Breadth and thickness in relation to length.
* Height Orthogonal length as measured upward from a base.
kumb* Horizontality Parallelism to the plane of the earth or a reference plane.
dlawq* Increase of Linear Dimension
* Inversion
lonq* Length (primary linear dimension) Primary linear dimension.
kliv* Obliquity Deviation from orthogonality or parallelism.
orth* Orthogonality
parsi* Parallelism
konq* Pendency Inversion of base and summit.
sum* Summit Topmost vertical extreme.
steb* Support (Physical)
* Thickness Tertiary linear dimension.
* Verticality Orthogonality to the plane of the earth or a reference plane.


Height synonyms

Altitude, elevation; eminence, pitch; loftiness &c. adj.; sublimity, celsitude [rare].
TALLNESS &c. adj.; stature, procerity [rare]; prominence [See Convexity]; apex, zenith, culmination.
COLOSSUS (size) [See Size]; giant, grenadier; giraffe, camelopard.
ceiling (covering) [See Covering]; upstairs.
HYPSOGRAPHY, hypsometry, hypsometer, altimeter, altimetry (angle) [See Angularity]; hypsophobia.

Linear Dimensions

Essive Abessive
lonq* Length lonqew* Shortness Primary dimension.
lat* Breadth latew* Secondary dimension.
* Thickness * Thinness Tertiary dimension.

Orthogonal relationship


Negative Positive
bas* Base sum* Summit Vertical extremes.
Dative Ablative
alt* Height altew* Lowness Length upward from the base.
dub* Depth dubew* Shallowness Length downward from the summit.


* Longness brev* Shortness Length compared to breadth and thickness.
qert* Girth cerv* Narrowness Breadth and thickness compared to length.