Primary Base fr*

Child Elements  

fom* tr To warm, treat through warmth, foment.
fr* ab pos rel m itg Heat, warmth, activity.
fror* rel gen act To emit heat.
fros* rel ess Hot, warm, active.


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febr* Fever Abnormal body heat, usually due to disease or overheating.
aest* Summer
sawel* Sun Self-luminous celestial body connoted with heat.


frawq* Calefaction Addition, generation or application of heat.
frew* Cold Lack of heat.
ews* Fuel
forn* Furnace Instrument of calefaction.
fr* Heat
* Refrigerant Dative substance of refrigeration. Ablative substance of calefaction.
* Refrigeration Addition, generation or application of cold.
Subtraction of heat.
* Refrigerator Instrument of refrigeration.
thermodik* Thermometer Gauge of temperature.


Heat, Temperature

fr* Heat.
frod* To warm, heat.
frend* To become warm/hot.

frew* Lack of heat, hence cold.
fremp* To remove heat, chill.
frolv* To lose heat.

forn* Heater, furnace.
frig* Refrigerator.

Hot Bath, Hot Springs

Geysers; thermæ, calidarium, tepidarium, vaporarium, sudatorium, hot bath(s).