Perception of sound.

Primary Base sonaw*

Child Elements  

os* ag To listen to.
osab* unb rel m itg Ability to hear, hearing.


Name/Link ΒΆ Type Source/Type Consumption Date


Hearing (Perception of Sound)

sonaw* Hearing.

sonawoq* Executive: To hear.

sonawos* Essive of having.
sonawod* Dative agent: To give hearing (to).
sonawend* Dative patient: To receive hearing (from).

sonawew* Abessive: Deafness.
sonawemp* Ablative agent: To take hearing (from), make deaf.
sonawolv* Ablative patient: To lose hearing (to/by), become deaf (by).

sonawaq* Means/instrument: Hearing aid.
sonawm* Result.
sonawoc* Science.

sonawtr* Domain/scope.
sonawordj* Origin.
sonawepj* Destination.

Instruments of Hearing

Ear trumpet, speaking trumpet; telephone, phonograph, microphone; gramophone, phonograph, megaphone, phonorganon; audiphone, dentiphone; stethoscope.