Capability of producing good. Good qualities.

Primary Base *

Child Elements  

ew+ ab Good, true.
hasan* ess sta "Good", "noble". Hussein, Hassan, Hosni.
tob* pos rel Good, pleasant.
val* pos rel m itg Strength, value, validity.


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* Affirmation Assertion of existence, truth or goodness.
klew* Cleanness
fraqr* Fragrance Good odor, pleasant odor.
* Perfection
urqol* Pride Opinion of one's own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority. Not necessarily positive or negative.


* Badness Capability of producing evil. Bad qualities.
toks* Bane Cause of damage or ruin.
klew* Cleanness
kawst* Deterioration
morb* Disease
* Expedience Specific subservience.
* Goodness Capability of producing good. Good qualities.
san* Health
* Imperfection Lack of perfection.
* Importance
* Improvement
* Inexpedience Lack of expedience.
saners* Insalubrity Imperfection of health. Presence of disease.
vil* Inutility
* Perfection
remord* Relapse Return of disease.
med* Remedy Removal of disease.
* Restoration
* Salubrity Perfection of health.
* Utility


Goodness & Badness

bon* Goodness (pos) Excellence, merit; virtue; value, worth, price.
mal* Badness (neg)