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kratemp* Abrogation Abolition or annulment of authority.
tyran* Arbitrary Power
krat* Authority Action of the will of one mind or party over the will of another.
* Command Wielding of authority.
legofur* Commission Vicarious authority.
pel* Compulsion Forceful application of authority.
* Consignee Person appointed to administer the affairs of a person, company, or institution.
leg* Deputy Agent of vicarious authority.
liber* Freedom
kratew* Laxity Absence of authority.
awsterew* Lenity Lack of severity.
kratemp* Liberation Ablation of authority.
* Master Agent of authority or compulsion.
let* Obedience Submission to authority.
kratolv* Resignation Voluntary relinquish of authority.
katen* Restraint Willful denial of freedom.
dowl* Servant Object of compulsion.
awster* Severity Degree of authority.
* Subjection Dative of compulsion.




Noncompliance with authority.
Insubordination, contumacy; infraction, infringement; violation, noncompliance; nonobservance [See Nonobservance].
mutinousness &c. adj.; mutineering; sedition, treason; high -, petty -, misprision of- treason; præmunire or premunire; lèse-majesté [F.]; violation of law [See Illegality]; defection, secession, revolution; overthrow -, overturn- of -government, - authority; sabotage [F.], sans-culottism, bolshevism.
Insurgent, mutineer, rebel, revolter, rioter, traitor, sansculotte, red republican, bonnet rouge [F.], communist, Fenian, frondeur [F.], seceder, Secessionist [esp., U. S. hist.] or Secesh [colloq. or slang, U. S.]; apostate, renegade, runaway, runagate; brawler, anarchist, demagogue; ring-leader.
Revolt, rebellion, mutiny, outbreak, rising, uprising, insurrection, émeute [F.], riot, tumult (disorder) [See Disorder]; strike (resistance) [See Resistance]; barring out; defiance [See Defiance].