Matter that is fit for eating.

Primary Base pask*

Child Elements  

ador* m tg Cereal.
awlent* m tg Stew.
balan* dis tg Acorn, chestnut, date.
flad* dis tg Flat cake, pancake.
furf* m tg Bran.
kuskus* tg Couscous.
maʃ* m tg Matzo.
pask* abs tg (n) Food.
(v) Suitable for eating, providing nourishmentment.
samid* m tg Semolina.
selin* m tg Parsley, celery.
tufer* dis tg Edible fungus, truffle, mushroom.
zafaran* bot Saffron.
zeekt* dis tg Corn chip or crisp.
zingibr* m tg Ginger.


Name/Link Type Source/Type Consumption Date


poj* Beverage
qran* Grain Small, hard seed, especially the seed of a food plant.
cen* Meal Act of consuming food.
karn* Meat
* Menu List of foods available for purchase or plan for service of food.
* Mouthful Selective of food.


* Mouth
* Restaurant Abode that serves food.



pask* Food
paskoq* Executive To use/wield food.
paskor* Generative To produce food.
paskos* Essive of having.
paskod* Dative agent To give food (to).
paskend* Dative patient To receive food (from).
paskew* Abessive. Lack or absence of food.
paskemp* Ablative agent To take food (from).
paskolv* Ablative patient To lose food (to/by).
paskaq* Means
paskm* Result
paskajat* Indication
pasktr* Domain/Scope

Pabulum; aliment, nourishment, nutriment; sustenance, sustentation; nurture, subsistence, provender, corn, feed, fodder, provision, ration, keep, commons, board; commissariat (provisions) [See Provision]; prey, forage, pasture, pasturage; fare, cheer; diet, dietary; regimen.

EATABLES, comestibles, victuals, edibles, ingesta; grub [slang], prog, [slang], meat; bread, breadstuffs; cereals, viands, cates [obs.], delicacy, dainty, creature comforts, creature, contents of the larder, fleshpots; festal board; ambrosia; good cheer, good living.