Misrepresentation, perversion or suppression of truth.

Primary Base psewd*

Child Elements  

psewd* abs ess sta Fake, imitation, not actually.


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* Affectation Effort to appear to have a quality not really or fully possessed; pretense of actual possession; conspicuous artificiality of manner or appearance; effort to attract notice by falsehood, assumption, or any assumed peculiarity.
* Hypocrisy False piety.
* Propaganda False education.


* Affirmation Assertion of existence, truth or goodness.
cel* Concealment Causation of latency.
lewh* Deception Misleading by false or untrue appearance or statement.
fater* Disclosure Removal of latency.
alm* Education Development of knowledge or skill.
* Exaggeration Expansion beyond the limits of truth or reason.
* Examination Evaluation of learning.
psewd* Falsehood Misrepresentation, perversion or suppression of truth.
* Information
* Latency Presence without visibility; existance as potential; lack of expression.
math* Learning Passive education.
fend* Manifestation
bewd* Messenger Agent of delivering information.
* Misteaching
neq* Negation
* Publication
* Secret Object of concealment.
* Teacher Agent of teaching.
* Teaching Active education.
verew* Untruth Absence, lack or void of truth.
genw* Veracity


Falsehood synonyms

Falseness; falsity, falsification; untruthfulness; guile; lying &c. v., misrepresentation; mendacity, perjury, false swearing; forgery, invention, fabrication; subreption; covin [archaic].
perversion, distortion, false coloring; exaggeration [See Exaggeration]; prevarication, equivocat on, shuffling, fencing, evasion, fraud; mystification (concealment) [See Concealment]; simulation (imitation) [See Imitation]; dissimulation, dissembling; deceit; blague [F.].
SHAM, pretense, pretending, malingering.
DUPLICITY, double dealing, insincerity, tartufism or tartuffism, hypocrisy, cant, humbug, fake [colloq. or slang]; casuistry, jesuitism, jesuitry; pharisaism; Machiavelism, “organized hypocrisy”; hollowness; quackery; charlatanism, charlatanry; gammon [colloq.], buncombe or bunkum, flam; bam [slang], flimflam, cajolery, flattery; Judas kiss; perfidy (bad faith) [See Improbity].
UNFAIRNESS (dishonesty) [See Improbity]; artfulness (cunning) [See Cunning]; missatement (error) [See Error].