Primary Base *

Child Elements  

nim* abs ess sta Excessive, too much, too many, too.
ol+ quant Excessive, unnecessary.
-ult* rel ess > ext ess sta m itg
rel abe > ext abe sta m itg
Excess of.


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olqowr* Cowardice Excessive fear.
olkawt* Fastidiousness Excessive caution, care or delicacy.
Difficulty in being pleased.
qowr* Fear Excess of care.
avar* Greed Excessive or rapacious desire.
hybr* Hubris Excessive pride, especially that which clouds judgment.
opl* Opulence Rich or excessive ornament.




ðampl* Sufficiency.


Too much, too many; superabundance, superfluity, superfluence [obs.], supersaturation; nimiety [rare], transcendency, exuberance, profuseness; profusion (plenty) [See Sufficiency]; repletion, enough in all conscience, satis superque [L.], lion’s share; more than enough [See Sufficiency]; plethora, engorgement, congestion, load, surfeit, sickener; turgescence (expansion) [See Expansion]; overdose, overmeasure, oversupply, overflow; inundation (water) [See River]; avalanche, deluge.
pleonasm (diffuseness) [See Diffuseness]; too many irons in the fire; embarras de richesses [F.]; embarrassment of riches; money to burn [colloq.].
ACCUMULATION (store) [See Store]; heap [See Assemblage]; glut; crowd; burden.

luks* Luxury.


Surplus, overplus; epact; margin; remainder [See Remainder]; duplicate; surplusage, expletive; work of supererogation; bonus, bonanza [U. S.].


ðup* Insufficiency. Deficiency, inadequacy, inadequateness, lack; paucity; stint.

Depletion (causation of insufficiency).
Scarcity, dearth; want, need, lack, poverty, exigency; inanition, starvation, famine, drought or drouth.
Pittance (essive of insufficiency), dole, mite.