Lack of moisture.

Primary Base ar*

Child Elements  

akwemp* abl ag To dehydrate, dry.
akwew* rel abe sta m itg Waterlessness, dehydration, dryness.
akwolv* abl pa To dehydrate, dry out.
ar* rel ess sta Dry, parched, arid.
arif* rel cau tr To dry, parch.
arift* rel cau pa To dry out (from/by).
kser* rel sta Adapted to dryness or absence of water.
ters* neg rel Dry via extraction or loss of water, liquid or vital fluids.


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Dryness details

ar* Dryness
aroq* Executive To use/wield dryness.
aror* Generative To produce dryness.
aros* Essive of having.
arod* Dative agent To give dryness (to).
arend* Dative patient To receive dryness (from).
arew* Abessive. Lack or absence of dryness.
aremp* Ablative agent To take dryness (from).
arolv* Ablative patient To lose dryness (to/by).
araq* Means
arm* Result
arajat* Indication
artr* Domain/Scope

Desiccation Causative action of dryness.
Desiccator Causative agent of dryness.