Lack of junction.

Intangible State
Primary Base jukew*

Child Elements  

fiqemp* abs abl tr To loosen.
mon* abs ess sta Single, alone, sole.
monif* abs cau tr To single out, isolate, remove companions.
monift* abs cau pa To be singled out, become isolated, lose companions.


Name/Link ΒΆ Type Source/Type Consumption Date


klewb* Cleavage Disjunction along a natural line of division.
rup* Disjunction (gen) Generation of disjunction.
* Dissection Disjunction of internal components (organs).
jukempuraq* Instrument of Disjunction
kast* Isolation Disjunction from a greater whole or body.


durw* Dispersion
* Divorce Forecful end to or dissolution of marriage. Social disjunction.
find* Fissure Interval made by disjunction.
* Interval Space between two points or particulars.
wat* Oasis Small fertile or green area within a desert.
* Separation Exclusion of a part from its whole.
vidw* Widowhood End of one's marriage due to death of partner. Incidental or accidental social disjunction.


jukew* Disjunction Lack of junction.
jukm* Joint Result of junction.
vinc* Vinculum Medium of junction (discrete or mass).


Disjunction synonyms

Disconnection, disunity, disunion, disassociation, disengagement, dissociation, disjointure; discontinuity [See Discontinuity]; abjunction [obs.]; cataclasm; inconnection [obs.]; abstraction, abstractedness; isolation; insularity, insulation; oasis; island; separateness &c. adj.; severalty; dispersion [See Nonassemblage. Dispersion], apportionment [See Apportionment].


Synonyms Antonyms
Essive juk* Junction. rup* Disjunction.
Dative agent jukod* rupod*
Dative patient jukend* rupend*
Generative jukor* rupor*
Abessive jukew* rupew*
Ablative agent jukemp* rupemp*
Ablative patient jukolv* rupolv*
Means jukaq* rupaq*
Result jukm* Joint. rupm*, find* Fissure.

Junction and Conjunctive Quantity

juk* Junction.
qed* Addition.
merg* Combination.
mik* Mixture.

nejuk* Disjunction.
ly* Decomposition.