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Diffusive Sympathetic Affections

Good Evil
Agent Benefactor Savior, protector, good genius, tutelary saint, guardian angel, good Samaritan; friend in need, “a very present help in time of trouble” [Bible]; fairy god-mother; pater patriœ [L.]; salt of the earth &c. (good man) [See Good Man]; auxiliary [See Auxiliary]. Malefactor
Will boniwil Benevolence maliwil Malevolence
Pronunciation of will Benediction Malediction Malison, curse, imprecation, denunciation, execration; ban, proscription, excommunication, commination, fulmination; aspersion, disparagement, vilification, vituperation.
Manifestation in action salam* Philanthropy Misanthropy


Manifestation of evil in action.

incivism; egotism (selfishness) [See Selfishness]; moroseness [See Irascibility]a; cynicism.
(generator) Misanthropist, egotist, cynic, man hater, Timon, Diogenes.\n woman hater, misogynist.


Altruistic concern for human welfare and advancement, usually manifested by donations of money, property, or work to needy persons, by endowment of institutions of learning and hospitals, and by generosity to other socially useful purposes.

Altruism, humanity, humanitarianism, universal benevolence, eudæmonism or eudemonism, deliciæ humani generis [L.].
Public Welfare, commonwealth [now rare], commonweal or common weal [now rare]; socialism, communism; Fourierism, phalansterism or phalansterianism, Saint Simonianism; cosmopolitanism, utilitarianism, the greatest happiness of the greatest number, social science, sociology.
Public spirit, patriotism, civism, nationality, love of country, amor patriæ [L.].
Chivalry, knight errantry; generosity [See Disinterestedness].
Philanthropist (generator of philanthropy) Eudæmonist or eudemonist, utilitarian, Benthamite, socialist, communist, cosmopolite, citizen of the world, amicus humani generis [L.]; altruist [See Benevolence]; “little friend of all the world” [Kipling]; knight errant; patriot.