Counteraction against antagonism.

Intangible Action
Primary Base aleks*

Child Elements  

aleks* act m itg Defense.
isra* act m itg Divine contention and protection.
lar* ac To defend a household.
mond* ag To protect, guard.


Name/Link Type Source/Type Consumption Date



* Barricade Barrier intended for defense.
karin* Exoskeleton Organization of bone or cartilage that protects the internal organs.
* Fence Instrument of inclosure intended for defense or restraint.
test* Shell Organization of bone that shapes protects the body.
kran* Skull Organization of bone that shapes the head and protects the brain.
* Veneer Protective or decorative supplemental tegmen.


flik* Attack
beltr* Battlefield Location of antagonism.
mewbel* Contention Mutual antagonism.
aleks* Defense Counteraction against antagonism.
* Munitions Materials of antagonism.
* Party One or more people representing a particular or position.
paks* Peace Absence of or resolution of  antagonism.
* Responses to Antagonism
* Rivalry Passive antagonism between two parties.
* States of Antagonism
* War Prolonged antagonism.
* Warfare Execution of antagonism.
belaq* Weapon Instrument of antagonism.



aleks* Defense.

aleksoq* Executive: To use/wield defense.

aleksos* Essive of having.
aleksod* Dative agent: To defend.
aleksend* Dative patient: To be defended (by).

aleksew* Abessive.
aleksemp* Ablative agent: To take defense (from).
aleksolv* Ablative patient: To lose defense (to/by).

aleksm* Result.

alekstr* Domain/scope.
aleksordj* Origin.
aleksepj* Destination.

Instruments of Defense

aleksaq* Instrument of defense.

skut* Shield (defense by covering).

buffer, fender, cowcatcher [U. S.]; apron, mask, gauntlet, thimble; target, targe [archaic], ægis, breastplate, cuirass, backplate, habergeon, mail, coat of mail, brigandine, hauberk, lorica, helm [archaic], armet, basinet or bassinet, sallet or salade, greave, jambe, heaume, morion, cabasset, beaver, visor or vizor; face guard, helmet, casque, casquetel, siege cap, headpiece; steel helmet, tin -helmet, - hat [soldiers’ cant]; camail, neckguard; Pickelhaube [Ger.]; spiked helmet; shako (dress) [See Investment]; bearskin; vambrace, rerebrace, cubitière; sollerets, pédieux; panoply, caparison, housings; chamfron or chamfrain; truncheon (weapon) [See Arms]; carapace, shell; spines, needles.

SAFEGUARD (safety) [See Safety]; screen (shelter) [See Refuge], (concealment) [See Conduit]; fortification; munition, muniment; bulwark, fosse, trench, mine, countermine, dugout; moat, ditch, intrenchment or entrenchment, vallation, rampart, scarp, escarp, counterscarp, vanfoss; dike or dyke; parapet, sunk fence, haha, embankment, mound, mole, bank; earth-work, fieldwork; fence, wall, dead wall, contravallation or countervallation; paling (inclosure) [See Inclosure]; palisade, stockade, stoccado [obs.], laager [S. Africa], sangar [India]; barrier, barricade; boom; portcullis, chevaux de frise [F.]; abatis or abattis, barbed wire entanglements, vallum [Rom. antiq.], circumvallation, merlon, battlement, glacis; casemate; buttress, abutment; shore (support) [See Support].
breastwork, banquette, mantelet or mantlet, tenaille or tenail, ravelin, curtain, demilune, half-moon; bastion, demibastion, redan; vauntmure [rare], faussebraie or faussebraye, advanced work, hornwork, lunette, outwork; barbican, redoubt, sconce, fortalice; lines.
machicolation, bartizan, loophole, balistraria [ancient fortification]; postern gate, sally port.


Stronghold, hold, fastness; asylum (refuge) [See Refuge]; keep, donjon, citadel, capitol, castle; tower, - of strength; fortress, propugnaculum, fort, kila [India]; barracoon, barrack.